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Tell us about your project

‘TotRockinBeats C.I.C is a non-profit organisation. We pride ourselves in bringing people, no matter their age or background, together for remarkable experiences.’

Started in 2016, we had the idea to put on an afternoon, family-friendly rave, to help bring people together. Just to have fun, listen to good music and take part in quality activities, everything from Streetdance, virtual reality art, circus skills, crafting and soft-play.

From there we have produced nearly 30 events around Sussex at art galleries, theatres, summer festivals performing to crowds between 500-1000 people a time.

What we realised is that it wasn’t just young families, who couldn’t get babysitters that couldn’t go out, it was also the elderly and those in residential care that had the same issue. So we opened our doors to everyone from the age of 0-97, to come and party together.

We have just launched a new project called ‘Dad La Soul’ to help dads, stepdads, male carers, wannabee granddads and kids hang out and learn new skills together.

We offer everything from DJing, filmmaking, soft play, Lego and science workshops. Each event has a different theme taught be the dads themselves.

We have based the events in a day centre for old people, so those without families or access issues can come and join in.

What are you trying to do?

Our mission is to bring people together. Anyone old enough to remember raving in the 80/90s knew the beauty of the music was it brought people from wildly different backgrounds together and had a real sense of unity attached to.

We’ve built on that concept, made it family-friendly, inter-generational so that we can smash down barriers of what people expect.

Once you’ve seen a toddler, next to someone in the 90’s, and someone in a wheelchair, having it large’ on the dance floor together in the afternoon, surrounded by a 1,000 other happy faces, you’ll wonder why this isn’t more commonplace.

What makes it different to other projects?

We don’t rest on our ideas, we are constantly challenging set behaviours on what can/can’t/shouldn’t be done.

We loved to collaborate with other non-profit companies and help them have access to our ever grown army of TotRockers.

It would have been much easier, and probably more financially successful as a business to take the original model, target more young families and then franchise it out. But then where’s the fun in that?

I spent 20 years in the corporate world, working for huge brands for which I had no real interest in.

Now, I get to work with people that I share a common ethos and set of values with.

Together, we put our combined weight into doing cool stuff that hasn’t been done before and actually makes a difference in peoples lives.

Why do you see yourself as punks in the community?

The spirit of Punk for me is all about grassroots collaboration. Working together sharing skills, contacts, struggles and experiences rather than constantly trying to compete and put other people down. That’s why we are punks.

What’s your top tip for ‘keeping it punk’ and making a difference to people’s lives?

Be honest in what you are doing and have a purpose that keeps the fire in your belly.

Could you give us a quote or two from some of the people who benefit from your project?

Just had to congratulate you on a great event y’day. Was brilliant and now can’t wait to see what you bring to Shoreham. Thought the craft was incredible, well worth the entry fee alone. Shelly Fenton.


 Dad La Soul:

What other groups inspire you? (please provide links, or email contacts)

I am a big fan of Stay Up Late and Audio Active. Both organisations are battling hard to break down barriers and have music as a positive force in bringing people together.

Find out more:

Facebook: Don’tBelieveTheHypeUK

Twitter: @DBTHTribe

Instagram: @DBTHTribe

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