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Brighton Table Tennis Club (BTTC)

Meet Brighton Table Tennis Club, doing amazing work in their community through table tennis.

Tell us about your project

We love Table Tennis. We play Table Tennis a lot. All day. Everyday. We are about Community, Solidarity, Respect & Competition.

What are you trying to do?

Create a strong grassroots local community, which is radical.

What makes it different to other projects?

The depth of relationships between the diverse individuals involved.

(photo by Alexis Maryon)

Why do you see yourself as Punks in the Community?

We like organised chaos. We want to give opportunities and a voice to local young people that don’t have access to privilege.

What’s your top tip for ‘keeping it punk’ and making a difference to people’s lives?

Look after people. Play Table Tennis.

(photo by Alexis Maryon)

Could you give us a quote or two from some of the people who benefit from your project?

We recently asked our members to write an A-Z of their views on the BTTC. One came back as a poem, from a Sicilian volunteer and coach at the club for the last 5 years. He wrote his A-Z as a poem and I love it:


It’s an Adventure started 11 years ago to boost ping pong in Brighton.

It took Coherence to develop the project through people Diversity and give them Equality.

I’ve found my best Friends and Family here.

I’ve been running the Grace Eyre session for 4 years now.

It’s a session for people with learning difficulties who are forever in my Heart.

If Joy is Key point, Independent thinking is one of the most important features to preserve the Identity of the club.

And of course Love!

Migrants are welcomed and No borders is the principle.

Organised chaos and Positive madness is always under

Quality managers supervision.

Respect is number one rule.

That’s why I feel Safe at the club.

Top spin is not just our sponsor. It’s a metaphor of life: when you get to the bottom, you must spin your mood to the top.

I can find all sort of people at the club, Unique and Versatile ones.

If you like penhold style, you can find our master Wen Wei: he blocks better than Xu Xin. Everyone, especially the Youngsters love him.

I’ve been playing for 30 years now and I still get Zero point when I play him.

What other groups inspire you? (please provide links, or email contacts)

  • Gig Buddies – matching up socially isolated people with learning disabilities and/or autism with a volunteer who loves the same live music as they do.
  • Real Junk Food Project – turning food waste in to affordable tasty meals for all.
  • Friends, Families & Travellers – charity working to protect the right to pursue a nomadic way of life for people from the Gypsy, Traveller and Roma communities, and seeking to also end racism and discrimination against people from these communities too.
  • Moulsecoomb Forest Garden – a community garden that’s growing a community for everyone (as well as vegetables and keeping bees).
  • The Bevy (The UK’s only community owned housing estate pub).

To find out more about the awesome community that Brighton Table Tennis Club are building check out their website.

Or you can email them here: info@brightontabletennisclub.com

Thank you to Tim Holtam, Founder and Director of BTTC.


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